Btuner – Personal OBD Flasher

A Btuner is perfect for those who want full control over their vehicle and the best results from an engine control module map recalibration. It is the best of both worlds. A personal tuning device for the enthusiasts, allowing the user to read, write and store multiple tunes which can be ‘flashed’ as and when you want.

For example, depending on the credit version of the Btuner you choose, you could have an original, a fast road, an economy and a race file all within your device and switch between them at your leisure. Just a few clicks and ‘flash’ to the ECU with a stable battery.

The procedure is simple. Your vehicles original map file is read through the Btuner and stored within its memory; this file can then be tuned by me to your requirements. Multiple variations can be calibrated depending on your Btuner credit version and saved to your Btuner ready for you to switch at your leisure.

The Btuner really is the tool for the enthusiast which wants comfort of quality tunes from Btuning but the freedom to adjust their cars map calibration.

Btuners are normally kept in stock and just require registration to the new user and vehicle. They are a one-time registration which are locked to the one vehicle, they cannot be transferred.

I offer a free setup and demonstration for those opting for an ECU tune but wanting the freedom of a Btuner at my workshop or in rare cases, mobile should the facilities and weather be adequate. For customers which are not local, I can send the device with full instructions and liaise remotely with you, advising how to send me your original map and the procedure sending back your modified versions to be stored and ‘flashed’.

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