Btuned – Remapping

Remapping, chipping or chip tuning; however ever you choose to describe the procedure, the result will be an adjustment to the engines calibration file or map to improve performance, economy or drivability.

These processes are always evolving. Modern engines require more hardware for an ever-growing demand in improved emissions, economy and performance. To achieve this requires larger software tables, which hold more data and processing power to operate all these systems at the finest of levels.

Long gone has throwing in fuel and air, like that of a carburettor engine. Modern engines are controlled at the finest detail, always aiming for that perfect air/fuel ratio or maximum torque at the optimum RPM for the driver. Whilst providing optimum fuel economy and (in most cases) the reliability to jump in the car for a thousand-mile round trip.

Manufacturers will write restrictions within their software, some are there for component protection or allowable ‘breathing room’ for poor fuelling or less optimal external conditions and some or solely there for marketing; to sell multiple power variants of their model, where in fact, they have identical hardware. But in most situations, there is always plenty of room for improvement, still within the safe component operating limits.

There are a lot of alternative tuning methods on the market, some serve a purpose, some do absolutely nothing, but without doubt, a correctly adjusted recalibration of the management system ‘maps or tables’ is, and always will be, the most effective but most importantly, safest way to improve the performance, economy and drivability of your vehicle whist retaining the manufactures safety limits.

With a custom professionally written calibration file by Btuning to your vehicles engine control modules memory, you can ensure the electronic management system has full control over your engine. Releasing its full potential whilst operating within the hardware operating limits.

In most cases I ask you drop and leave your vehicle with me at my workshop or I can offer a free local collection and delivery service.

This ensures adequate time for reading, adjustment and writing. In some cases, I would like to data log and write multiple tuning files to ensure the absolute best and safest results. Most tunes normally take between 2-6 hours.

I can, although not preferred due to lack of local facilities, offer a while you wait service. In exceedingly rare scenarios I can offer a mobile service, but dependant on facilities, location, weather and the type of tune. This will incur an additional charge.

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