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Providing complete tuning solutions for an extensive range of cars and light commercial vehicles. Offering services and products such as: remappingtuning boxesself flash devices and hardware upgrades. For the independent tuner, a selection of services including customised map calibrations via my file service portal. I have a passion for tuning all vehicles, though a particular specialisation in European performance cars. I have the knowledge, passion and experience to ensure I achieve the best possible calibration improvements to meet my customers requirements.

Driven by passion and customer satisfaction.


ECU remapping, mapping, tuning, chipping or chip tuning. How ever you chose to describe it, the end result is a direct recalibration of your engines control module to improve power or fuel economy customised to your vehicle within safe limits.


A hand held personal tuning tool. The tool for enthusiasts or those wanting full control. The user has the ability to store multiple map variations and ‘flash’ at their leisure to their engines control module.


A ‘piggy back’ tuning module. Allowing easy install and removal without direct ECU adjustments. Perfect for users requiring an easily way to revert their vehicle back to stock or where direct ECU recalibration is not available.


I have access to a wide range of upgrades from some of the best manufacturers . With extensive experience, I can provide advice, installation and setup at my fully equipped workshop.

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